H.S.E. - Health, Safety and Evironmental

The goal of our H.S.E. program is to identify, respond and eliminate hazards to the health and safety of our employees, customers, visitors, vendors and to protect the environment. Our program is designed to not only meet the requirements of federal, state and local entities for our industry, but to establish a preventive action plan, before a hazard occurs.
Meeting these standards requires an ongoing training program of all employees. Regularly scheduled training sessions are held and in addition, an outside firm is used to perform additional audits and training as well as performing an annual OSHA type audit. Corrective and/or preventive action is taken immediately to correct any findings.

In addition to the ongoing training, a daily inspection of the manufacturing complex is made to identify any health, safety or environmental issues. If necessary, immediate action is taken to prevent or eliminate a potential hazard. This inspection includes inspecting machines and equipment for saftey hazards, and fluid leaks of any kind. Following inspection, a daily management meeting is held. The first item on the agenda is H.S.E. If there are findings, an immediate plan is agreed upon to promptly correct and eliminate the issue(s) identified.

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