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We serve customers in the Oilfield, Military, Navy Nuclear, Mining & Construction,
Tool & Die Manufacturing and Wind Power Generation industries.
Critical to our productivity is our In-House maintenance capability. Our full-time maintenance staff ensures less down time, improved quality, little or no dependence on subcontract services and most importantly - Better service and turn around time to our customers.

Our operation runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and has the capacity to produce a large volume of parts within a short span of time. Review our Equipment List for a more detailed look at our vast capabilities.

In addition to new manufacture of components, we offer repair of existing components by machining oversize damaged areas, weld repair and remachining to original print tolerances.

Below is a partial listing of parts manufactured for the industries we serve. We have also made an on-line photo archive of various parts that have passed through our shop over the years. If you have any questions about your manufacturing or repair needs, contact us ... we're here to help you with your large capacity production needs.

Oil & Gas Industry

Surface & Subsea Wellhead equipment new manufacture and repair, Subsea and Surface Wellhead equipment including drilling components such as BOP (blow out preventers) and internal components, Riser system parts such as Flanges, Stab blocks, H4 connectors, Locking dogs, over (2000) 15000 psi Dual Completion Block Valves, High pressurer Umbilical components, Composite Block Valves, Tees, Crosses, Ball valves, Casing and Tubing Hangers, Frac Valves, Fluid ends, Tubing and Casing heads, Manifolds.

Forging Industry

Tool and Die manufacture such as 55,000 lb. die for the Space Shuttle aft stiffening ring, High pressure manifold valve bodies for hydraulic presses.

Navy Nuclear

Watercraft components, Surge tee valves, Piping, Collars


Over (10000) 120 mm Breech ring mechanisms for the Abrams M1A1 tank, Prototype 500 lb. runway bombs

Mining & Construction

Heavy earth moving equipment, Axle housings, Axle flanges, Drive hubs


New as well as repaired Valves, Piping

Power Generating Windmills

Gear boxes

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