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CNC Turning

CNC Turning Services

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As products become more innovative, their components become more complex, obtain high-quality parts quickly and efficiently with CNC turning services from Marberry Machine.

What’s CNC Turning?

CNC turning, or computer numerical control turning, is a method of creating intricately detailed custom components using a lathe. The turning lathe secures and rotates barstock, or raw material, at high speeds. A single-point cutting or boring tool shapes the material.

This process can create finished components with minute details and hold precise tolerances. Additional benefits of CNC turning include:

  • Heightened Accuracy
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improved Repeatability
  • Greater Uniformity 
  • High Repeatability
  • Lower Labor Costs

With CNC turning, the production of parts with complex designs is fast and precise. There’s also minimal waste. The process is perfect for mass manufacturing of custom components.

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A Leading CNC Turning Provider

Marberry Machine is an ISO 9001:2015-, ITAR-, and JCP-certified contract manufacturer of metal and plastic parts for demanding applications. We can produce components of any size, but our area of expertise is CNC turning large parts for industrial use.

Here’s our full suite of CNC turning equipment:

  • 120” - 216” swing Toshiba CNC VBM, 118” chuck, 102” under rail, ATC, Fanuc 16T
  • Mazak Super Quick Turn Model 30M with live “C” axis milling
  • Mori Seiki Model SL303 with live “C” axis milling
  • Ikegai TNC 75, 64” swing x 160” centers, Fanuc 16T
  • 56” Bullard Dynatype VTC, 70” swing, Fanuc 11T
  • 36” Bullard Dynatype VTC, Hi-column, 72” under rail, Fanuc OTC
  • (2) - Mazak Slanturn 35 with Live ‘C’ Axis milling
  • Monarch Cortland 3220 CNC Lathe
  • Mori Seiki LL8, 52” swing x 100” centers, 32” power chuck, 42”-4 jaw chuck
  • Mori Seiki SL8F, 51” swing, 32” power chuck, Fanuc control
  • (3) Mazak Powermasters, 37” swing, 30” power chuck, Fanuc control
  • Mazak Power. Univ., 32” sw. x 78”, 21” power chuck, Fanuc control
  • Mazak Power. Univ., 32” sw. x 98”, 24” power chuck, Fanuc control
  • Mori Seiki SL6A, 24” power chuck, Fanuc 6TB control
  • Haas SL 40 CNC lathes. Twin 20” chucks, with 6” hollow spindle. 40” max swing, and 44” between centers.
  • Daewoo Puma 12LC CNC lathe. 15” chuck. 22” swing. 42” centers.
  • Mazak M5 CNC lathe. 15” chuck. 102” centers. 26” swing *Set up for deep hole work.
  • Mazak PM2500 CNC lathe. 20” chuck. 108” centers. 34” swing *Set up for deep hole work.
  • Mori Seiki LL7 CNC lathe. 20" chuck. 170" centers, 40" swing *Set up for deep hole work.

At Marberry Machine, we take pride in being CNC turning experts. Our veteran machinists can create the components our customers demand swiftly, efficiently, and precisely.

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Critical Processes Require Quality Materials

The characteristics of materials from which components are made can make or break an application. We manufacture CNC-turned parts from many material types. Here are some examples: 


  • Titanium 
  • Aluminum 
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Waspaloy
  • Rene 65
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718

Stainless Steel

  • 304 SS
  • 316 SS
  • 347 SS
  • 401 SS


  • 4130
  • 4140
  • 8630
  • F22
  • 9310

Carbon Steel

  • 1018
  • 1026
  • A36
  • A572


  • High-Density Polyethylene, or HDPE
  • Nylon

If you’re unsure what material works best for an application, Marberry Machine is here to help. Our experts work with you to select the best option for an operating environment.

The CNC Milling Advantage

With advanced machines and materials, the CNC machinists at Marberry Machine can produce components for many industries. They include:

The accuracy and precision of CNC turning are unparalleled. That’s why it’s relied upon to produce components with no room for error.

Full-Service Machining Solutions

Marberry Machine specializes in taking designs from print to production on time and within budget, but we also help clients turn ideas into fully realized products. Our experts work with you to develop a concept, select the appropriate material, and begin full-scale production.

We can turn around parts in finished, semi-finished, or rough conditions. With our semi-finished and rough part services, time-consuming tasks are completed on your behalf. As a result, subsequent processing is faster and more convenient.

In addition to CNC turning, we offer a range of secondary services. They include:

Consolidating many facets of production under one roof eliminates the need to move in-process parts between supply chain partners. We take on the hassle, saving you time and money.

Our CNC turning processes can turnaround many products. Examples include:

Let’s Turn Some Parts

Every job is approached with a quality-first mindset. All processes follow a strict quality management system.

Material is acquired from reputable suppliers, and compliance is verified upon arrival. Precision testing and inspection equipment ensure every part produced surpasses applicable industry standards or customer specifications. All orders are audited for accuracy before shipment.

Contact us to learn more about our CNC turning services.

Our Quality

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified., ITAR, JCP, CAGE CODE 59H34 Our Quality Assurance program is designed and maintained to meet the requirements of: Oil and Gas, Subsea & Surface, Military & Navy Nuclear




ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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